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The 'Friends and Family Test' (FFT) was introduced in 2013 and as of April 2015 dental practices will be required to offer the survey to their patients. The feedback received will help the NHS to improve services for everybody.

Practices are required to submit their results on a monthly basis via their NHS portal.

Our service

By registering here you can provide a secure FFT to patients who have attended a recent appointment at your practice.

For patients who are contactable by email we’ll provide an example email template to send to them. If you prefer to contact some patients by text message we can give you another template suitable for texting to a smart phone. Patients needing your help can use a web page on a PC or a tablet at the practice before leaving.

Using your preferred method, patients are presented with a question asking them about the likelihood of recommending your practice from ‘extremely likely’ to ‘extremely unlikely’. A ‘don’t know’ option is available. There is a box for free comments and an indicator to allow you to publish it if they agree. (Could be good for your marketing!)

To get the results

After registration you will be able to log in to view your results. After logging in you can view your feedback and download any comments people have made along with whether you may publish the comment.


The online database we use to store results contains no patient information and is hosted on a secure server. We endeavour to catch people who might try to answer the survey more than once and it is more or less impossible for people outside your patient base to answer survey questions.


Our FFT service is free to Pearl Dental Software customers.

For non-Pearl customers, this service is free of charge for the first 2 months and then charged at £20 + VAT per month thereafter, should you wish to continue. There is no ‘tie in clause’ and payments will be taken by direct debit using a form sent to the address you specify on registration. You may cancel the direct debit at any time.

Ready to sign up?

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